Sangkat Koh Trong 1, Kratie town, Kratie Province, Cambodia
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The King's Island

For people traveling through North East Cambodia, all roads going to Laos, Vietnam, Ratanakiri and Mondolkiri converge in Kratie, a small town on the banks of the Mekong river.
Known mostly for the fresh water dolphins that dwell North of town, Kratie doesn’t usually keep its visitors for more than one night. A few hundred meters away from the town of Kratie, in the middle of the mighty Mekong River, there is another Cambodia, a Cambodia still mostly spared by the modern world.
Surrounded 8 months a year by white sandy beaches, constantly refreshed by the river’s breeze, the island of Koh Trong is some sort of an ideal Cambodia.
No cars, but carts, smiling peasants, craggy fishermen and a rich soil that man turned into an orchard, « Koh del Trong bat Cheunchien », “the island where the King lost his ring” is a small paradise. 

The Rajabori invites you to lay down your luggage and discover this world !

Rajabori Villas - The Cambodian Experience

The Rajabori is a confidential resort made of 13 traditional Khmer wooden houses located North of the island of Koh Trong in front of the town of Kratie. We created it to allow a deep immersion in an unspoiled part of old Cambodia for travelers fond of nature and discovery. Access is by boat then tuktuk or moped.

The trip to the resort through the island’s countryside is beautiful but it takes a little time, so we advise those who are in a hurry or turned off by the various manifestations of nature (insects, frogs, etc.) to stay in Kratie, as clearly, Koh Trong island is not for them!  

Our idea is to re create an old style Cambodian village in the protected environement of Koh Trong Island.

As a matter of fact, everywhere else in Cambodia, traditional wooden houses are being destroyed to make way for ugly blocks of concrete that have become the new « chic » in contemporary Khmer society. An entire architectural heritage of incalculable value and is being ruthlessly swept under the carpet…
We wanted to go against this tide by bringing together a number of well trained craftsmen who perpetuate a thousand year old savoir-faire.

For their electricity, our villas use a mixed system made of a generator that operates a portion of the night and solar panels that provide the service during the day and late night. There is only one fan per room, above the bed, so as not to overload the system. This system is in the breaking and sometimes there are failures … we apologize in advance and wish to warn those who can not do without electricity, TV or internet that it’s probably better that they stay in Kratie.
Finally, in the areas of comfort, our water is heated by the sun and needs a few minutes to reach the tap…