Sangkat Koh Trong 1, Kratie town, Kratie Province, Cambodia

The villas

Our villas & Suites

Our restaurant

Our restaurant serves a mainly Cambodian rural cuisine using fresh season’s products from the market in Kratie and some selected suppliers on Koh Trong island.

On the menu you shall find : fried fish with Cambodian spices, sweet and salted chicken or pork, stuffed cabbage with pork, chicken or pork carry, whole Mekong fish cooked in banana tree trunk as well as some more European inspired dishes.

Our bar is also well stocked in various alcohols, we have wine too as well as some cocktails.

Some examples of our Khmer Menu

. Fried beef with Cambodian spices 

. Beef Loc Lac (Small dices of meat served with fresh vegetables)

. Sweet and salted pork 

. Sweet & sour pork with vegetables

. Fried pork spare ribs

. Stuffed Cabbage leaves with pork

. Fried chicken with basil leaves

. Fried chicken with pineapple

. Sweet and salted chicken 

. Sauté fish, chicken or pork with ginger 

. Deep fried fresh water fish

. Fried fresh water fish with Cambodian spices

. Sweet & sour fried fresh water fish with vegetables 

. Fish Amok (Steamed fish in coconut milk)

. Whole Mekong fish (about 1kg) cooked in a banana tree trunk,(served with fresh vegetables & tamarind sauce, for two persons)

. Chicken or pork Khmer Curry

. Noodle soup with pork, chicken or beef and vegetables

. Cambodian spices soup with fish or chicken

. Fish soup with pineapple and coconut milk 

Some examples of our Western Menu

. Smoked raw ham in thin slices (100gr), gherkins, baguette bread – 8.50$

 . Pork head pâté in jelly

. Andouillette & French fries

Beef stew Burgundy style & steamed potatoes

. Beef tongue spicy sauce & steamed potatoes

. Confit of duck leg & sautéed potatoes

. Beef prime cut & shallot & French fries

. One or two sautéed Chicken legs & French fries

. Spaghetti in tomato sauce

. Penne à l’arabiatta

. Spaghetti Bolognaise

. Tagliatelles Carbonara

The Pool

Our landscaped pool is 20 by 9 meters, it turns the hottest Cambodian days into enjoyable ones !

Functioning with a mix of solar power and generators, the pool’s filtration system is unfortunately not infallible. Each time we have a problem, technicians need to be brought in from Phnom Penh, so we do apologize in advance in case the water is not the right colour, the problem is being addressed but it always takes a few days.